Our Style

A few years ago, one of my brides was expressing to me her love for the images I had just delivered. She mentioned the “Atmospheric” feel that was the undertone of all the photos..

.This bride had just summed up in one word what I could never appropriately describe on my own. Atmospheric.

.Right now we are in a world where everyone describes themselves as photojournalistic, or documentary…and I just never liked referring to my photography as such. Sure, you could use those words…but I always felt it was so much more than that and I just never knew how to express it in a word. I thank her so much for her outsiders view, and hitting the nail on the head.

.I’ve never been one to try to hone in on one specific “market” of people…some photographers do it well…only photographing a certain “type” of couple. It looks like the same wedding over and over again. You’ve seen it in your research, I’m sure.

.I’ve found over the years that my couples are all very varied in they lifestyles, careers, ways of thinking…but the one thing that brought each to me was the way they wanted their wedding photographed. Not the old cookie cutter images. Dont worry, we will get a few of those traditional shots, and family group photos ofcourse – but then we focus on the moments and interactions with you and your guests…anything and everything to make you feel as though you are reliving the day when you look back on it.