Stuff is happening

Its April! That means wedding season is now in full bloom – from now until November its basically non-stop engagement sessions and weddings every week. I’ve been smart the last couple years though, and have scheduled in some off time for myself – so I can see the beach once or twice this summer, and also maybe take a couple trips! 2013 is looking exciting on many levels.

Speaking of blooms – last week I got in touch with two of my favourite gal’s, Natalie & Moira over at WHIM Events…I needed to pick up some flowers for someone, and decided to grab some for myself while I was at it, and these two totally rocked it! I’ve never been one to have flowers around my place for some reason, but now I want them on my table and work desk all the time!

I got these last week and they are still going strong! You can’t just buy these already put together like this anywhere…I love the whimsical feel to them. I think I will be picking up more arrangements here and there whenever I think of an excuse to do so…thank you ladies!


And on another note – on May 5th I will be at Crompton Collective in Worcester for their Vintage Wedding Weekend! This place has so many awesome goodies and I am so stoked to be a vendor at this event on that Sunday. Stop in, check out some cool stuff, and say hello! I believe the times are 11am – 6pm!

If you’re on facebook, here’s a link to the event so you can join, share, and be reminded as it gets closer!:

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