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Stuff is happening

Its April! That means wedding season is now in full bloom – from now until November its basically non-stop engagement sessions and weddings every week. I’ve been smart the last couple years though, and have scheduled in some off time for myself – so I can see the beach once or twice this summer, and […]

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Summer is officially here!

Mother Nature sure knows how to ring in the summer …. after a really nice and steady string of 70′s weather, yesterday topped off at 94 degrees in my town and today is feeling similar. I also know its summer when my workload seems endless! I’ve got quite a few things I need to get […]

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We actually get to have a real Spring!!!

Really though…every year it always seems like we get maybe two weeks of decent 50-70 degree weather, then all the sudden BOOOOM!!! 90+ for the rest of the Spring and Summer. This season its been a little off at times, but for the most part we have had some pretty cool weather for much longer […]

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