Ashley and Ben’s Engagement Session!: Wickham Park – Manchester, CT

Earlier this year I reflected on how well my business had been doing, and decided that I wanted to ‘give back’. I decided to hold a small voting competition, in which the winners would receive photography coverage for their upcoming wedding. This small competition completely blew up, and the top two couples ended up with over 1,000 votes each (I cant quite recall the exact numbers right now).

Ashley and Ben won and I am completely stoked that they did! I met up with them for their engagement session and after talking to them for a while, I am really excited to further work with them. They are such a fun couple, and were even totally cool about me making them wait an extra 15 minutes or so at the end of our session, so I could wait until the sunset was a more orange tone and not as yellow…haha.;)

I got to talk to them about how they got their votes, and aside from the usual asking friends and family to vote, Ashley also asked her classes (she is a teacher) to sign online and vote! I am sure those kids were super excited to have an excuse to get online during school hours! Ha! They also put up a type of flyer in their apartment building so their neighbors could vote for them. The best part about the flyer?? It had those little notches of cut paper on the end so they could actually rip off the voting information and take it with them! HA!

Anywho! Here are some photos!



Mrs. Mangiulli - Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures. :)

Dave & Jacquie Ashley - It’s official!!! You cannot take a bad picture! Your happiness is infectious…cannot wait for your big day!

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