Steph and Matt’s Engagement Session! – Boston, MA

With their wedding in just a few short weeks, I finally got together with Steph and Matt for their engagement session! I have a ton I want to write about these two, but I think it will make more sense to write it all with their wedding blog post when its time for that…you’ll realize how it will all intertwine nicely when the time comes!

We started out in the South End of Boston – an area I have never really spent time in. We took a few photos inside of The Beehive – but I can only show a couple of those here for now…there are a few more I CANT WAIT to share – but I need to wait until after their wedding day to do so 😉 There will be a separate post for those photos for sure.

Anywho, The Beehive has a great, fun, atmosphere – complete with live music! They even have a sommelier on site if you have any questions about their wine selections!

After the South End, we headed over to the North End (which I love and am MUCH more familiar with)….more details below!

We kicked some kids out of the playground and had our own fun for a little while… big deal.TheBeehiveEngagementSessionDon’t steal the tealights at The Beehive – you’ll be charged $40 if they catch you!!! Just go buy some at your local store – their like $10 for a small bag.SouthEndBostonEngagementSessionAnd here is a photo I previously posted….the valet decided he should dance and pose when he realized I was taking photos. Ha.SouthEndBostonEngagementSession2Matt told me to take photos of Steph on the phone…I guess it really shows her true self… 😉On to the North End! LOVE night time photos!NorthEndBostonEngagementSessionThe night cant be complete without some moving and grooving….Or without some cupcakes for that matter! We walked over to Lulu’s…I had the cookie dough cupcake….so delicious.Steph and Matt’s wedding is going to be right in Boston…so ofcourse, transportation is sometimes an issue. One thing Steph REALLY wanted was to be driven around, on her wedding day, in a boloco cart. We spotted one, and had to get photos of it – and ofcourse, they inquired to the driver if it would be possible for their wedding day……hmmm!!!!NorthEndBostonEngagementSession2


Special Thanks to Jessica Pegg for assisting me and hanging out during this sessions!


Cute couple, love your locations. Imagery is beautiful!

Beautiful couple and beautiful work! Nice city and nice street style. Well done. Greetings!

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