I encourage engagement sessions for Three main reasons!

1) I get to hang out with you two and get to know you a bit more then our regular consultation would’ve allowed! By the time the wedding comes I wont be a complete stranger to you.

2) The sessions are a great way to get you to feel comfortable around the camera. During the session we can figure out what makes you most comfortable and try to get some great (and fun!) results. When you see the photos after, you will be more aware of yourself and how you acted around the camera – then once we get to your wedding day, you will be a pro!

3) And perhaps the most important reason – you two get to slow down and just enjoy being engaged!!! Most engagements, I’ve found, have been between 8 months to maybe a year and a half. In the grand scheme of things, that isnt much when you’re planning on marrying! Right now you are busy planning that marriage, and are always looking ahead to the future – but with this, you can just relax and enjoy where you two are right now.


I love looking for new locations to photograph – and also love it when couples choose a place that is pretty special to them. Engagement sessions are scheduled Monday – Thursday, usually in the later evening.

I do take a limited amount of Engagement Sessions for non-wedding couples. Please get in touch for more details!


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