Most important question at the top! How do we pronounce your name?!

Yaritza (Yuh-Ritz-Uh.something like that..)

Colón (Cologne)

You can feel free to say it as exotically as you like though…it makes me sound more interesting, so I won’t complain.

Do you have business insurance?

The second most important question! I have both liability and equipment insurance. Many venues require that vendors have this – or they will not be allowed to work on the property.

My general liability policy is through Hill & Usher covered up to $2,000,000. Please let me know if you need me to email my certificate to your venue.

(Even if your venue does not require this, you should absolutely make sure your selected vendors have it, regardless. You want to make sure that if anything goes wrong – it will be covered by the correct party.)

How far in advance should I book you?

For any vendor, I advise a couple to book them as soon as they know that’s who they want. Booking is very sporadic – some people book more than a year in advance, others can book in six months or less. No wedding vendor of any kind will hold a date without a retainer and signed agreement – so make sure you get both of those in once you know you want someone!

How many weddings do you typically shoot in a year?

I limit myself to 20-25 weddings a year and I do not keep taking on weddings just for the sake of having more work or making more money. I have my happy number and I try to spread it out evenly between big weddings and intimate ones. (and lets be honest here…I value my own down time as well.)

If I am not available, I will be happy to give you recommendations for other photographers that I know and love!

Do you work with a second photographer?

Its usually just me. My husband will sometimes assist or chauffeur me around if I feel the need, but that’s at no extra cost to you.

If your wedding falls into certain parameters where a second photographer would be beneficiary – we can make that happen.

 We’d like to meet you in person…where can we do that?

My office is located in the Ivy Corset Building at 40 Jackson Street, in Worcester, MA. There’s also a game room, if we feel so inclined to use it… its a bit more fun then scheduling a meeting at a cafe, but we can always do that aswell.

If you are out of area, or just a couple who doesn’t feel like getting out of your pajamas one day then we can always have a Skype or Facetime meeting. No problem!

Do you have another job?

Nope! Since 2009, this has been it for me! My full attention is on this business, and I have worked hard to keep doing what I love.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! I’ve photographed and traveled specifically for weddings in 12 states, and Puerto Rico. I’ve traveled multiple times domestically and internationally, so its safe to say travel is not a problem in the slightest. I’m happy to put you in touch with couples who trusted me to fly out to their destination, and I promise that travel costs are reasonable.

How many photos will I receive after the wedding is over?

It depends on your wedding day, but a typical 7-8 hour wedding can expect atleast 700+ photographs. Dont worry, if there is more – I wont hold back from you! I’m more focused on telling the story of the day and having a variety of photos, and not limiting what you get.

Do you bring backup equipment with you incase something goes wrong?

ALWAYS! First off, I shoot with two cameras on my person the whole day (think: double firearm body holsters…but instead of guns, I have cameras). Therefor, if one stops working for some reason, the other is already right there so I don’t even have to stop what I am doing. Additional backup cameras and lenses are always nearby.

We think you’re awesome! How do we book you?!

Well, that escalated quickly…Ill probably think you’re awesome too! If you want to get the process rolling, get on that Contact link up above and let me know a bit about yourself and your wedding.