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Heather + Kylie’s Engagement Session! – Boston, MA

Heather is from here in Massachusetts, and Kylie is very proudly from Texas (really, when I first met him about 9 years ago his shirt very “boldly” stated he was from Texas…y’all…)

Heather is going to be making the big move south this summer, but they will be coming back in November for their wedding. This means Kylie will have to put up with some cold New England weather ATLEAST one more time in the near future.

Like I mentioned in the Sneak Peek post before this, it was supposedly 20° out, but “feels like 8°”….but I question that as well. It was COLD! These two put up with the weather and we got some great results, regardless if our legs felt like ice blocks by the end of it…


Yeah that’s right…I made them take off their coats for about 3 minutes or so…muahahaha…


Gennaros North End Engagement Photography3Gennaros North End Engagement Photography2

Kylie and Heather had a reservation at Mamma Maria’s in the North End – but we were a few minutes early, so we dove into the nearest bar to kill some time while we waited, and to warm up! These are from inside Gennaro’s, then we headed to Mamma Maria’s to wrap up the night!

Gennaros North End Engagement PhotographyMamma Maria North End Engagement Photography2Mamma Maria North End Engagement Photography

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