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A Wedding at The Red Barn at Hampshire College – Amherst, MA

Once in a while I will get a couple who would prefer to not have their photos displayed publicly…and that is totally cool! But I do get to atleast share some details with you all ;)

This wedding took place at The Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. The bride and her bridesmaids all got ready right down the road at a house that is available for rent. The house ruled and had a lot of details in itself, so I had to restrain myself from taking too many there! Haha. It was SO convenient to The Red Barn, literally a 5 minute drive – if that.


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The Red Barn – Amherst, MA Sneak peek!

So once in a while I will work with a couple who would prefer to not have their photos shown publicly online. So today is a ‘details’ sneak peek from their wedding at The Red Barn at Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA. (Don’t worry, they still got to see a “real” sneak peek as well! haha)

This place was awesome! More in a few days!

Red Barn Hampshire College Wedding

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Karyn + Fernando’s Wedding!: Private Residence – Duxbury, MA

These two truly have an old fashioned love story, and I am so happy that I am able to share it!

Fernando is a creative partner with an ad agency in Boston, and Karyn is the owner and designer of her own hat shop in Toronto (perhaps milliner is the more correct term). Well, if these two are in different countries, how did they meet?

Fernando was looking for a place to take a trip to. To help him decide, he threw a dart to a map…! It landed on Toronto and so he went. On his last day there, he was wandering the streets and he saw Lilliput Hats. As a lover of hats himself (when we first met he was sporting a fedora – which I was told is common of him) he went on in, and met Karyn. It didn’t happen so quickly…they kept in touch for a while, and eventually met up again when Karyn invited Fernando to be her “Casual +1″ at a friends wedding. After that, they started talking even more, and eventually decided to meet up in Chicago, where they fell in love during, and at, “The Violet Hour” (both the time of day, and at a bar named as such).

Fast forward to their wedding, they kept “The Violet Hour” theme going using those sunset colors of dark-pink, orange, and some hints of purple here and there. Neither of them were really expecting to find someone…but finding eachother just happened. Their invitations, hankerchiefs, the cake, and even fake tattoos that they made for their guests showed another theme of: “You work, You Play, and then one day, Love Happens”


Ofcourse, I was already expecting Karyn to make a great headpiece for herself (and she did!) – but then I also learned she had a part in making her dress as well – it was made in collaboration with Thien Le ( www.thienle.com )

The ceremony and reception were both held at Fernando’s brothers home right in their front yard. It was probably one of the most emotional ceremonies I have been to – the majority of the guests had tears in their eyes…thankfully, they had the custom made handkerchiefs from the couple to help them with wiping those tears!

A favourite part of mine here! Fernando and Karyn didn’t just walk out when the ceremony was over, but instead they danced their way out to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours”

Following the ceremony we did just a few quick family photos. When we first met, Karyn and Fernando told me that they didn’t really want too many posed photos…therefor any photos of them together were literally ‘real’ moments from the night. (But ofcourse I had to take a few extra photos of Karyn alone, because she is wicked cute and looked fabulous!)

Flowers and ceremony arrangements provided by: Consider The Lilies

Cocktail Hour fresh oysters! Provided by Island Creek Oysters.

Some of Karyn’s shop girls came down from Toronto to celebrate with the couple! They brought along a bunch of small hats and headpieces and went around helping the female guests put them on.

Okay, we NEED to talk about their food selection….really. Look at those photos above! This food was some of THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD AT  A WEDDING. Really. When I first sat down to eat, I took a quick look around to see if salt and pepper were around (out of habit). There was none, but I quickly realized that this food didn’t need anything else at all. Delicious and perfectly seasoned and cooked!

The caterers: Season To Taste Catering from Cambridge, MA

As the night continued Karyn switched into a smaller, but still awesome, second headpiece.

I’m in love with the shot above. It was taken while Fernando was thanking his guests for attending. One of the really neat things was how he mentioned different stories of how he had met many of his friends…each one had a unique journey behind it, much like his journey to meeting Karyn.

Fernando’s brother, Efrain, and his wife, Lori, surprised the couple with FIREWORKS!!!! Everyone enjoyed about 10 minutes of personal fireworks being set off right on the property.

Instead of a traditional guestbook, there was a typewriter set up so guests could write their notes to the couple. It was pretty hilarious watching people try to load the paper and line it up….then all the typo’s that followed when they realized there was no “Delete” button. Everyone had a good laugh while they were using it.

More vendor details:

Invitation Design (also used on the fake tattoos, handkerchiefs, etc): Dale Smith www.workinc.ca

Fernando’s Suit: Hoax Couture www.hoaxcouture.com

Bride & Groom Shoes: John Fluevog www.fluevog.com

Tent: Bayside Tents www.baysidetent.com

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Heather + Phil’s Wedding!: The Society Room of Hartford – Hartford, CT

Phil and I went to high school together (Oh hey Bay Path Class of 2004! WOOOHOOO!!!!) So when he contacted me to photograph his wedding I was super stoked that we were able to reconnect! I got to meet his awesome fiance, Heather, who he had met while they were both out at the same nightclub. A few months ago we went back to where they met and used it as a part of their engagement session! (Check out those photos here)

Now it was time for their wedding! They got married at South United Methodist Church in Manchester, CT – the had their reception at The Society Room of Hartford.


The kids needed a little encouragement and help to make it down the aisle ;)

After a couple readings, Phil’s cousin Ariana took to the mic and sang ‘Marry Me’ for Phil and Heather. The night before, I had attended the rehearsal and she sang then with no piano, and did amazing – so now, with the piano, it was even greater to hear.

The last time I had photographed at The Society Room a couple years ago, it had been a brunch wedding so the place was full of natural lighting. This time it was really neat to see, and to photograph, the place at night with all the special uplighting! Completely different feel!

Above is all of the grand-daughters taking Phil’s grandfather and grandmother out onto the dance floor!

Below – a sword cake cutting!!! I think this is the 3rd time in my 7 or so years of photographing that a sword has been involved for the cake cutting!

The Society Room used to be a bank way back in the early 1900′s…so they’ve still got the vault there. We took a few shots in it, then Phil and Heather requested that they make some commentary for one another (separately) on video. Throughout the night different family members went into the vault to record some words for the two.


Special thanks to Johnny Arguedas for coming to second shoot for part of the day!

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