Ketnouvong Family & Maternity Session! – Sturbridge, MA

Nathalie and her husband (local DJ Phou!) are expecting another son so they decided to get together for a maternity session, but also made it a family session since they didnt really have any professional photos done of them and their son Sebastian!

In true little boy fashion, Sebastian was easily distracted but managed to run back into some photos before running away again….it worked out! haha.

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Felicia and Bradley….

For those of you who know me, you know that I absolutely adore my dog, and I think that dogs are one of the best creatures on earth. I take photos of mine all the time, and I absolutely LOVE when I am asked to take photos of a pet owner and their pets. Infact, I think photographs with your pets should be taken more often…

This is a far different ‘love story’ than what I usually post on here. Felicia decided it was time to have some photos taken of her and and her dog Bradley (or, more affectionately known as “Burger”). Felicia has recently moved to the big apple, and is away from her Worcester based canine most of the time…Bradley wasn’t really into the idea of getting photographs taken of him, but after some bribes (in the form of delicious treats, ofcourse) he sort of came around.


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Cairn Rescue: Meet Houston!

As many of you already know, I have a wonderful little pup named Rigoletto who makes appearances on this website from time to time. Rigoletto is a Cairn Terrier. I absolutely love the breed – so recently I decided to get in touch with one of my favorite organizations to see if I could be of any service to them!

They are called Cairn Rescue  ( ) – and it turned out, they did have a way in which I could help out! I was soon contacted by someone who fosters Cairn’s. Turns out she had a little fella there who was VERY camera shy. Upon reading his foster’s updates on the website, I found that his previous foster home also had troubles with photographing him. So I went over today and gave it a try!

His name is Houston (listed under Connecticut on the Cairn Rescue website) and he was rescued from a commercial breeding facility almost two years ago – and they were right! At first when I stepped outside, Houston and his foster brother were pretty excited to come over and say hello to me! But then as soon as he realized I was about to take a photo, he decided he didnt want that and started walking to the door, and tried squeezing through the small puppy door (even though it was closed).

It was a challenge, and despite him walking away from me, and turning his butt to me the whole time, I was still able to get some good photos of him!

The first photos below are of Houston hiding behind a shed (so you can see how he tried to get away from me!), and also one photo of his foster brother (who was more than happy to let me take a quick shot of him!)



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