Adam + Karen // Dragonline Studio Jamestown Wedding

Okay, Dragonline Studio has very quickly become one of my favorite venues. Right on Narragansett Bay, with views of the Newport Bridge and sailboats galore. I think a ‘pirate ship’ even went by. To view the first wedding I shot there, CLICK  HERE.

I don’t really write too much in these posts, since I believe most people don’t read it anyways and just go on to the photos (I’m guilty of this too) but there are some notes I want to point out.

1) We had a ridiculously adorable wedding crasher, Chance The Dog. He kept coming back even though his owner made his way to the property a couple times. I don’t think anyone minded. Chance rules.

2) There’s a life size cutout you will notice in a couple photos. This is Adam’s sister, who couldn’t make it to the wedding because she couldn’t get away from her job which is in Animal Conservation (but we still had a surprise at the very end of the night!)


















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