Ashley + Ben’s Wedding: White Cliff’s Country Club – Plymouth, MA

Some of you may remember Ashley and Ben from their engagement session which was up here last fall! I can’t believe how quickly this year has already been going…

They had their ceremony and reception at the same place, at White Cliff’s Country Club in Plymouth, MA. This was a Sunday wedding, and an early afternoon one at that! We weren’t originally planning on any getting ready photos, but I showed up a bit early so I took a few anyways.  Enjoy!!!


Ash’s parents both wrote a short note to her on the bottom of her shoes…wicked cute! In blue, ofcourse!

Each table had wedding photos of their parents, grand parents, etc! Really neat idea!

Ashley’s dad has an MG TD which he drove Ashley up to the ceremony in. They had kept this a secret from most of the guests! I think he affectionately considers this car to be his ‘first’ daughter…

White Cliff’s has a long staircase which leads down to the beach, so we took advantage of that. We didn’t get to do as much as I would’ve liked because it was HOTTTT down there, but it still worked out! The walk back up those stairs was killer!

Ash was put to work on her wedding day! She’s taking a photo with Ben’s father’s camera here.

Steve Kocur - As the father of the bride and the owner of the little MG I have to say that your photos captured the beauty of both. Our family enjoyed the event so much and your photography will help us always remember this special moment.

Rob Pierpont - And as the father of the groom and an amateur photographer, I can only say – WOW! You captured the day perfectly. I tip my lens cap to you!

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