Dustin and Becca’s Wedding!: The Garden House at Look Park – Florence, MA

I’ve been waiting a long time for this one! Dustin and Becca met up with me about the time of last years Superbowl – so its been well over a year waiting for this day to come! They chose to get married in The Garden House at Look Park, in Florence, MA. This couple is yet another one who really put a bit of themselves into everything – they designed their invitations, made their centerpieces, the bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.

These two also decided to take advantage of The Cheese! Booth – check out those photos HERE


Above is a photo of the card that Dustin got Becca (their honeymoon was in Disney!) – to the right is Becca wiping away a couple stray tears right after reading her card…. good job Dustin!

Dustin and Becca decided to do a ‘first look’. They got a couple blindfolds to make it a little more interesting then what you usually see.


Some fun with the groomsmen – Dustin is kind of a big deal, so he needed to be shielded at times from the camera.

Below is their “guestbook”. You’ve probably seen the fingerprint boards a couple of times, but Dustin and Becca had their own twist to that. Their guests signed their names in balloons!



Whenever I think of uplighting, I always think of kind of plain venues that have light colored walls in which the uplighting is supposed to completely illuminate. Dustin and Becca chose to have uplighting in their venue and it looks fantastic! Even with all the wood, it still brings just enough pop of color and adds depth to the room. I love it!

Becca and Dustin’s DJ, Ra-Mu, did such an AWESOME job of keeping everyone on the dance floor and having fun. I don’t have too many DJ’s on my recommended list – but I am definitely adding him to it! Check out their page at http://www.ramuandthecrewweddings.com/

You know when some DJ’s make jokes and they are not funny? You wont get this from this guy….he was awesome and hilarious, and NOT cheesy.


….and onto dessert! Cake?? Nope! They decided to have some apple cider donuts instead!

This wedding just happened to fall on the same night as this years Super Moon. Ive got a couple photos of couples with sunsets, but this is a first with a Super Moon!

DeVende Photography - You do great on the details fellow fearless photographer, thanks for the inspiration to pay more attention to this stuff because it really makes a nice post. I am so not good at details…ugghh. :)

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