Franchesa and Alex’s Rained Out Wedding: Piers Park and Spinelli’s – East Boston, MA

Oh man it is late! (12:30am, or really early, depending on how you look at it…) But I really wanted to get this wedding up!

So one thing I tend to mention on many of my wedding posts is the weather. Here in New England, you can never tell how it’s going to be no matter what the weather guy says…its always changing. Franchesa and Alex chose to have their wedding ceremony outside, at Piers Park in East Boston. Piers Park has an outdoor gazebo area that is a pretty good size…with that said, there was no rain plan. The ceremony was going to happen there, rain or shine….and this time it happened to be the latter.

Rain would’ve been just fine – and that’s how it started at first after everyone got there and it was about to start…but then it started POURING…and thundering…then the wind carried the rain in SIDEWAYS….so yes, EVERYONE got soaked. The couple, the guests, the officiant (the always wonderful Carol J. Merletti) and yes, me. I got soaked…my camera got soaked. Which is fine…my camera can handle it…but continuously trying to wipe off lenses when nothing dry is available just doesnt work.

So as you will see below – everyone was huddled together during the ceremony, and Franchesa and Alex just went through with it! – ofcourse, as soon as it was over, the rain cleared up and the sun came out. Ha!


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