Kristin and Nick’s Wedding: The Wayside Inn – Sudbury, MA

Upon first talking to Kristin about their upcoming wedding, I could already tell how non-traditional she was, and how non-traditional the wedding was going to be! Kristin and Nick had their wedding at The Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA. Instead of having a large affair, they decided to keep it very small with less than 30 people in attendance. Instead of traditional dancing and the like, they opted to have a patio cocktail hour where their guests just mingled and enjoyed themselves, followed by a sit down dinner.

Their ceremony took place in the non-denominational chapel right next door to the Wayside Inn, and was officiated by one of their friends.

In the week leading up to a wedding I always keep a close eye on what the weather will be like since it is so random up here. For days before their wedding all I saw in the forecast was rain, rain, rain! But on the day of, something amazing happened and it actually cleared up!!! Well, until that night atleast…but plenty of time for them to have perfect weather!

The first photo below proves I am not bluffing!!!


Below is Kristin’s bouquet….how neat is that!!! She made it herself! (She also made the centerpieces for the reception tables…photos of that later in this post)

Carraige House Wedding
Wayside Inn Chapel Wedding

Nick kept having to rub lipstick off of his lips after kissing Kristin throughout the day – haha.

Shielding her from the mist!

Wayside Inn Sudbury Wedding
Wayside Inn Sudbury Wedding Photography

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