Sara + Paul’s Wedding: East Bay Grille – Plymouth, MA

As soon as I met Sara, I knew she was the type of person that I could literally just be friends with. We clicked right away, and I was stoked that she chose me to photograph their wedding! I didn’t get to meet Paul until a few months later when we got together to photograph their engagement session (check out those photos here!)

One thing that they do together often is attend a weekly trivia night that is hosted by South Shore Entertainment’s, Pat Lally. I had previously worked with Pat on a wedding a couple years ago (Jaclyn and Billy’s Wedding) – and he was one of few DJ’s that really stuck out in my mind. When Sara told me that Pat was going to be the DJ for their wedding, I was thrilled! Oh, and he was going to do some trivia with the guests as well! AWESOME!!!


Check out the camera that Sara got as a gift! They had a lot of fun with it. Makes me miss having a polaroid. I might have to buy one of these myself…

Sara and Paul had their ceremony at the First Congregational Church of Plympton, MA and it was officiated by one of their friends.

What’s a first kiss as husband and wife without a ‘fist bump’ celebration?

After the ceremony, the whole wedding party headed over to a bar to celebrate, ofcourse! The Driftwood in Plymouth! Some guy came in and saw Sara looking absolutely stunning in her dress – and ofcourse asked ‘Who’s the groom? Who’s the lucky guy?’….well, everyone pointed out that Paul was, and the guy responded with something along the lines of “Buddy! You are way in over your head!” – to which Paul responded “Oh, I know!!” – thus Sara hysterically laughing a couple photos below.:)

Yes….their initials spell out ‘pls’. hahaha. It is my hope that one day, I will have a couple who’s initials spell out ‘omg’.

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