Sarah + Mike’s Wedding: Union Mills Homestead – Westminster, MD

Sarah and I first met probably about 8 years ago…she moved out to Boston from California for a bit, and I would see her every now and then at shows of bands that we were both into (and at the time, that I would photograph – ofcourse!)

Around 2005 or 2006, (I cant quite remember the exact time) she moved back to San Francisco. I flew out there for a fest of bands that we loved, and Sarah was awesome enough to let me stay with her during that week. She didn’t have to but she took the time to show me around a few places I hadn’t been to before as well! One story that we tell everyone about this time is how we were at the pier (pier 39?) watching the sea lions and eating some ice cream that we had just bought. Well, a seagull decided it wanted my mint chocolate chip ice cream, so it literally swooped down from behind us and stole my ice cream cone!!! There were many people on the pier that day, so it is my hope that some family recorded it on their home video and they probably get a good laugh out of watching it every now and then. 😉

Anywho! Sarah and Mike met while Mike’s band was on tour, and Sarah gave the guys a place to stay. They hit it off, and before you know it she moved to Maryland to be with Mike. A year ago I got the very excited message from Sarah saying that they had gotten engaged and asking me if I am available for travel for her wedding….UMMMMM YESSSSS!!!! Ofcourse!!!

The last year went by so fast, and after the 4th of July this month, I made the drive down to Pennsylvania (where Mike and Sarah recently bought the most adorable home together!) and I finally got to meet Mike! He’s a nice guy…not that I would’ve expected anything less 😉


Milo, their dog, sported a little bow tie for the occasion!

To the left below are all the RSVP’s they received back for this day! They had about 140 guests, if I remember right….oh also, it was a HOT day! About 95 degrees and humid – yet all their guests showed up regardless of the heat!

      One of the coolest things I have seen at a wedding! The best man, Ev, designed a coloring book for the kids that would be at the wedding! It went through Sarah and Mike’s relationship together up until their wedding day!  Union Mills Homestead Wedding


Yaritza! Thank you so much for being such a CRUCIAL part of our big day and taking these incredible photos! Mike and I absolutely LOVE them all and are so thankful to have had you as our wedding photographer (and have you as a friend)! Thank you for all the additional help you provided at the wedding that didn’t involve pictures. If you ever need a reference- send them our way!! We have nothing but great things to say about you and the great job you did! <3



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