Steph + Matt’s Wedding: Les Zygomates Wine Bar – Boston, MA

Matt and Steph wanted to make sure that their wedding day was really a reflection of themselves – and boy did they pull it off! They wanted their friends and family to share with them in having great food, great drinks, and great music! When we met up over a month ago for their engagement session, the main thing we focused on was FOOD! After years of avoiding photographing people while they were eating, this time I was actually encouraged to do so – and with these two it was less awkward then I initially thought it would be.

(Check out there engagement session HERE – and some of the photos I had to save to show until after the wedding happened HERE)

Anywho – I’ve got lots of things to say scattered all over this post….let’s begin! I started out by meeting up with them at The Hyatt in Boston, just a couple blocks away from Les Zygomates. The week previously, I had my first short dress bride…Steph was now going to be my second…and man, she completely rocked the dress! I firmly believe that not everyone can get away with this…you really need the right personality in order to pull it off. Nice legs dont hurt either I guess! Steph definitely had both! (Yes Steph, I just complimented your legs.)



Steph’s clutch is a whole story in itself. Really…it seems as though adults just arent capable of opening it. Or maybe just Steph isnt? She tried a few times while I was there, and told me of a few more times before I got there. The only person who could open it (with ease!) was her daughter, Amelia. Here’s the proof…and I am positive I saw it happen again atleast twice at the reception!!!!

It took us a little longer than usual to leave the hotel room…you see, Matt’s room was strategically placed right next to Steph’s room…even though the hotel had like…20 levels. So ofcourse, we couldn’t leave until he did. So when he did leave…we started too…but then after he had left the hallway, he turned right around because he left something in the room. Oh wait, but he also didn’t have the room key on him either…that too must’ve been in the room.

Luckily, he didn’t have to go back down to the lobby for another key – a nice lady from housekeeping was nearby and let him back into his room. Drew, Steph’s son, made sure to block his mom from view until the coast was clear!

Unfortunately Steph and Matt’s hope of being carted around in a Boloco cart didn’t work out…so they took a limo instead. I am not sure what the driver’s name was, but her driving was amazing! We took a few turns into small streets in China Town, and just when you think she’s not going to make it…she did! I haven’t seen driving like that since my trip to Italy a few years back…and those drivers REALLY pushed the limits…trust me…

On to the ceremony and reception! Steph and Matt decided to have theirs at Les Zygomates in Boston. Yes…at a wine bar! Maybe even THE wine bar, as they do own !! As I said before, their theme for the night was good food, drink, and awesome music! A couple months before the wedding, they gave in and decided to hire some help to get their wedding together. They hired Whim Events, and the details they put together were awesome! Each table was named after a band or artist that they love, and check out the seating chart that was made to along with it!!!

Oh and here are my photos that the guests saw right when they walked in! This is why I kept the burger sharing photo a secret until after the wedding 😉

Check out the awesome cake! It featured Matt and Steph at the top, and Drew and Amelia at the bottom – all of them in their pajamas! Cake by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes!

During the ceremony (which was officiated by their good friend Roger – who has bonded with the couple over their love of meat eating), Matt and Steph played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ in order to determine who would go first with their vows. They were good at it and got quite a few identical ‘hands’ if you will. It took a few rounds, but I think Steph lost, so she went first.


Matt and Steph had their first dance on a dancefloor that is right infront of the large windows of Les Zyg which faces the street! After a bit of partying, Drew picked up his guitar and played for everyone!



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